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Trade Salon Pro 100 wraps kit

Trade Salon Pro 100 wraps kit

Trade Salon Pro 100 wraps kit


The original Business in a Box!


Offer hair wrapping services in your salon using our Salon Pro 100 kit. Even charging £10 a hair wrap means this box provides enough materials to make a massive profit.


Kids love hair wraps. Once one has one, they all want one. Offering the service in your salon also provides a great opportunity to upsell products and services to accompanying adults. Creating footfall through your business means more happy customers and more money in your bank account.


  • The best value wrap kit for salons and hair wrap professionals
  • Everything you need to create an average of 100 long-hair wraps
  • 20 different yarn colours
  • Big discount on buying individual kits




  • 100 skeins of hair wrapping yarn - 50 rainbow colours, 50 pastel colours
  • 5 skeins of silver hair wrapping yarn
  • 5 skeins of gold hair wrapping yarn
  • 100 Tibetan silver charms, 10 types (see photo for details)
  • Multicoloured barrel beads
  • Gold beads
  • Silver beads
  • 4 hair threading tools (the secret weapon for starting wraps the easy way and adding beads and charms)
  • 10 hair protector disks (these make the job far easier)
  • 4 sets of instructions
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