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Trade Mermaid Dreams Special Edition Hair Wrapping Kit

Trade Mermaid Dreams Special Edition Hair Wrapping Kit

 Trade – Mermaid Dreams Special Edition Hair Wrapping Kit - 10 or 30 wraps


  • 10 wrap kit RRP - £14.99
  • 30 wrap kit RRP - 
  • Attractive POS self-seal plastic packaging
  • Good quantity discounts to maximise your profit
  • Low minimum order quantities


These kits contain everything your customers need, along with full instructions, to make mermaid/sea-themed hair wraps.


Wrap natural hair or make mermaid wrap reusable extensions by making wraps using yarn.


 What's in Mermaid Dreams hair wrapping kits?


Our hair wrapping kits contain full instructions with easy-to-follow photos. They also contain enough materials to make on average 10/30 long hair braids depending on the kit size.




  • Sea-theme coloured braiding threads

  • Ocean and beach colour-themed beads

  • Tibetan silver mermaid, star, seahouse and shell charms - to add the finishing touch to your wrap

  • A hair separator/protector (these make the job much, much easier!)

  • A bead and charm threading tool (This is a game-changer for starting wraps easily and getting beads and charms onto the braid)

  • And, don't forget the easy-to-follow photographic instructions.


Great for hair-wrapping parties


Hair Wrapping is a great idea for themed parties. Guests can design their own braids, then pair up to wrap each other's hair. It's possible to wrap your own hair - but it's even more fun to do it with a friend! Our kits also make great take-home party gifts.


For a custom order quantity over 100 units, please contact us for a discounted quote.

    PriceFrom £49.97
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