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Together Divine - open edition print by Naomi Walker

Together Divine - open edition print by Naomi Walker

Together Divine Speaks:


“Together we are twin flames. Our hearts beat as one and our souls sing together. What hurts you, hurts me too. What gives you joy, makes me happy. Love can be challenging when souls are the mirror of each other, or it can be blissful. Choose bliss with me and we will walk together in this life and lives to come.”


"Draw close to me so that we may burn brighter together, united as one and forged from the soul multi-dimensional soul. I have crossed oceans of time and space to find it and my journey is now ended. There will never be a time when I do not look at the world from your eyes, feel it through your heart and taste it with your tongue. Our light is brighter than the sum of us, it burns with the truth of the eternal soul and the promise of reunification."


Artist's Channelling Impressions:


Together Divine is a powerful representation of the twin flame energy. Each of us has a twin flame, some find that person in this life and some search through many lives, their souls feeling somehow that there is something missing. Open your heart and mind and use this power to bring the mirror of your soul into your existence. Once twin flames are united, their power is immense and life-changing for both people. Embrace this strength, resonate the twin flame energy and unite.


Energy Frequencies


  • To bring twin flames together

  • To remind twin flames of their vital role in each other's lives

  • To reunite twin flames who have separated

  • To ease problems between twin flames

  • What is Channelling Art all About?

    Naomi's prints and paintings can be enjoyed simply as visual art. If it's not 'your thing' you dont' need to worry about the 'channelling part!' 

    If you're interested in how the paintings are created...

    The term channelled art refers to art that is created either by, or with the help of, a consciousness outside of the artist’s own normal state.

    It sounds a bit weird, but you’d be surprised how often it’s done...

    To find out more about how art is channelled and the paintings created, read this blog post.

    If you have any questions about the process, just ask!


  • Other Sizes for this Image

    Naomi's prints can be created in a huge range of sizes other than the popular ones listed. If your print needs to be a different size, please get in touch.

  • Product Details, Shipping and Returns

    Product Details

    Giclee Prints

    Giclees are made using pigment-based inks. They have incredibly high-resolution, colour and the sharpest detail possible - a Giclee print displays a full-colour spectrum. Giclees capture every shade of an original work and are the highest standard of print reproduction.

    Sky Spirit Creation's Giclee prints are available on either deep-edge stretched canvas or gallery-quality paper. They are made on a one-off basis by Paul Wright in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK. Paul is a world-renowned printer and there is no one who produces finer reproductions.

    After production, each print is signed by the artist. Special messages are also possible on request.

    What is Deep-Edge Stretched Canvas?

    Canvas that has been stretched over a deep edge wooden frame (approximately 4cm). The canvas doesn't need extra framing and can be hung exactly as it is. This is a very contemporary way to display art. One of the benefits is that you never have to worry about finding a frame that matches your existing decor!

    What is Gallery-Quality Paper?

    High-quality, heavyweight paper used for printing Giclee prints to get the best results possible. Prints on paper should be framed before display.

    Shipping for Giclee Prints

    Due to the time-consuming production process, your Giclee print may take up to 14 days to arrive.

    What if my Print is Damaged or Faulty?

    If your print is faulty, please notify Sky Spirit Creations within 7 days. You will then be either sent a replacement order or reimbursed in full.

  • What are the Energy Frequencies?

    These channelled images have been used by many people during yoga practice, meditations, healings, working through difficult life events and other spiritual work. Each image has a specific energy and frequency that is set during the original channelling.

    If energy isn't your thing, don't worry about it! The prints look great on your wall and the energies involved are harmonious even if you don't want to be involved with them!

  • Commission Original Artwork

    If you'd like to commission an orginal piece of art either physical or digital, please get in touch.

    You can also commission a channelled piece of artwork. This means that the art is created using your unique energies, the energies around you, the energies of loved-ones passed or your unique guardian angel energies. Interested? Find out how it's done in this blog post.


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