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Hierarchies of Angels: Archangels, Guardian Angels and their Powers

Updated: May 22, 2023

Angels are beings of light from the 7th dimension and above. Angels come from the Divine Creator. They do not have free will as humans and animals on the Earth Plane do. Their will is the Divine Creator’s will.

Angels are also warriors and fight against legions of demons. So, rest assured, they can kick your ass. Get the chocolate box picture of angels sitting on fluffy clouds out of your head right now. Angels are tough and businesslike.

Angels vibrate at a frequency that is beyond our visual and auditory range, so we cannot usually see them but we might sometimes feel their presence. Some people can connect with angels because they have trained themselves to do so, or have natural psychic powers.

The Nine Battalions of Angels

There are nine battalions of angels. These battalions are then split into three hierarchies (spheres). The first hierarchy angels are those closest to the Divine Creator. The second hierarchy angels are those who see that the Divine Creator’s plan is carried out in the Universe. The third hierarchy works directly with humans.

Most angels have a specific job and they’re also part of a battalion. Angels are pretty regimented when it comes down to it. They’ve got a job to do and they’re good at it due to slick teamwork.


Spheres, Battalions and Members

First Sphere

Battalion: Seraphim

Appearance: Red

The seraphim are angels of love. Their name means burning or fiery ones. They have six wings to match the days that the Divine Creator is said to have spent creating the Earth. Seraphim are known for singing to keep the vibrations of the Universe high and the light energy flowing.

Strengths: Purifying sin, controlling fire, mind control

Meet the Seraphim:

Archangel Metatron – The Celestial Scribe

Seraphiel – Protector of Metatron

Matriel – Angel of rainstorms


Battalion: Cherubim

Appearance: Blue

Cherubim are angels of knowledge. They bring harmony to the Universe. They are the majestic keepers of the Celestial Records. They represent the wisdom of the Divine Creator. They are tasked with making sure that the Universal Laws are kept, and they can reign down a tonne of trouble on other angels, demons and humans who step out of line.

Strengths: Invisibility, wisdom, inciting love

Meet the Cherubim:

Archangel Gabriel – Angel of messages and military

Archangel Sachiel – Angel of wealth

Asmodel – Angel of fairies and elemental spirits, appears as a unicorn


Battalion: Thrones

Appearance: Orange/Yellow fire

The Thrones are the angels who see that karmic justice is carried out is all situations. They are peacemakers who dispense the justice and power of the Divine.

Strengths: Delivering justice, bringing peace, bringing balance to all situations

Meet the Thrones:

Archangel Zaphkiel – Angel of love and passion

Ophaniel – Angel of the moon

Pahaliah – Angel of virtuosity


Second Sphere

Battalion: Dominions

Appearance: Purple

Dominions are angels of wisdom who manifest the majesty of the Divine Creator. They are responsible for overseeing angelic duties in all the spiritual planes and physical worlds. They ensure that everything in the Universe happens in accordance with the Universal Laws. The law of cause and effect flows through the Dominion angels and into the Universe.

Strengths: Bestowing deserved mercy, leading lower ranking angels, channelling the Divine Creator’s pure energy to all life

Meet the Dominions:

Archangel Beburos – Angel of the end of the Earth

Hashmal – Angel of hidden knowledge

Muriel – Angel of journeys and travellers


Battalion: Virtues

Appearance: Green

Virtues are angels of movement. They work miracles on Earth and look after those who work for the good of the planet. They are also angels of choice, guiding humans in their decisions and dilemmas.

Strengths: Controlling the elements, bringing miracles, controlling the natural world, animals and plants

Meet the Virtues:

Archangel Raphael - Angel of healing

Legion (many)


Battalion: Powers

Appearance: Amber

The Powers are spirits who provide the Universe with its physical form. Their task is to oversee the Divine Plan. They are guardians of the passageways leading to Heaven and the other spiritual planes. They also record the history of Mankind and are guides for lost and troubled souls.

Strengths: Battling demons, restoring natural order, healing

Meet the Powers:

Archangel Camael - Angel of strength, courage and compassion

Legion (many)


Third Sphere

Battalion: Principalities

Appearance: Pink

Angels of personality and time. Principalities look after the Earth and are guardian angels for her countries, cities and other locations. They influence humans through the inspirations, ideas, situations and circumstances they create.

Strengths: Causing births and deaths, inspiration and innovation; guarding the pathways between Earth and the spiritual planes

Meet the Principalities:

Archangel Cambiel - Angel of transformation and metaphysics

Archangel Haniel - Angel of love, magic and pleasure

Archangel Uriel - Angel of art and wisdom, also one of the Cherubim


Battalion: Archangels

The Archangels are angels of fire who carry the Divine Creator’s decrees to humans. For example, Gabriel’s annunciation to Mary and his dictation of the Koran to Mohammed. Many of the Archangels are also part of another battalion.

Meet the Archangels:
  1. Raphael - Angel of healing – one of the Virtues

  2. Gabriel - Angel of messages and military – one of the Cherubim

  3. Michael - Angel of the military and mercy

  4. Uriel - Angel of art and wisdom – one of the Cherubim and the Principalities

  5. Azrael - Angel of Death

  6. Metatron - The Celestial Scribe – one of the Seraphim

  7. Baraqel - Angel of lightning

  8. Cassiel - Angel of solitude and tears

  9. Netzach - Angel of eternity

  10. Chamuel - Angel of serenity and devotion

  11. Phanuel - Angel of repentance and hope

  12. Raguel - Angel of Justice

  13. Raziel - Angel of secrets

  14. Sabriel - Angel of miracles

  15. Sandalphon - Angel of unborn children and twin brother of Metatron

  16. Sarathiel - Angel of discipline and penance

  17. Sachiel - Angel of wealth and one of the Cherubim

  18. Archangel Beburos - Angel of the end of the Earth


Battalion: Angels (standard angels!)

Angel means ‘messenger’. These celestial beings carry messages to humans and all life on Earth. Out of all the battalions, the lowest-ranking battalion of angels are the ones who work closest to humans. They are the link between the Divine Creator and ourselves.

We can ask angels for help in every situation, from finances to healing and everything in between.


Guardian Angels

Every single person has a guardian angel who protects, loves and looks after them. Your guardian angel holds a divine blueprint for your life. This is the soul contract that you agreed to before you were born.

Sometimes, life events can be traumatic but there is always a lesson in every situation that your soul needed to learn. Your guardian angel organises all the coincidences and synchronicities you experience as part of your soul contract and lessons. So, blame your guardian angel for introducing you to your ex… and learn your lesson! On the other side of the coin, guardian angels also put soulmates and lifelong friends in each other’s path.

When the time comes for your physical death, your guardian angel will step aside. However, as long as it’s not your time to pass, your guardian angel is there to help in every situation.

Spiritual law says, ‘ask and you shall receive’. Your angel has got your back, so if you ask for help (and it’s for the highest good) they will assist you.

Angels must wait until you ask because you have free will and they do not. They can help you with daily life, and achieving your dreams. They can even guide you to heal ancient karmic wounds (tip: everyone has them!)

Your guardian angel loves you (even when no one else does!) No matter what you do in life, their love remains and their help is there if you ask.

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