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Multipack of 5 or 10 Angel Blessings Cards

Multipack of 5 or 10 Angel Blessings Cards

Angel Blessings Greetings Cards (148mm x 148mm) with white envelopes, left blank for your own message. 5 pack or 10 pack (10 pack contains 2 of each design)


1 Majestic Speaks:


“I am here to put my arms around you and protect you from all that is negative. I am a healer and protector. I am the mother of the Universe. Rest your head against me for my power is in my love for you. You were never alone and never will be. There is more to this Universe than you can imagine and you have always been a big part of it.”


Artist's Channelling Impressions:


This image was the first angelic energy I channelled back in 2009 and was my inspiration to continue with this work. The power of this angel was (and still is) incredible. She is maternal, forgiving and protective. This image has been used all over the world to dispel negativity and increase focus on the positive through meditation. Use her power and welcome her healing frequency into your life.


Energy Frequencies:


  • Soothing the mind and soul

  • Protection

  • Dispelling sadness

  • Powerful meditation and focus


The original painting and prints of this image are also available.


2 Golden Healing Angel Speaks:


"I am healing. I am the power within us all. I am the God and Goddess energy. Attune with your true power and resonate with the healing frequency."


Artist's Channelling Impressions:


This angel is a channel of pure energy healing and is extremely powerful. When I finished this painting, I put her on a shelf in my house to dry. I had three little plants in pots nearby and when I returned to the room an hour or so later, all the plants had turned to face the angel rather than the light coming through the large window behind them! This angel is one of the most popular and I often receive messages from people who have used her during healings with excellent results.


Energy Frequencies:


  • Promotes healing at all levels, spiritual, emotional and physical

  • Protection from negative energies

  • Resonates love to attract love in all forms into your life


The original painting and prints of this image are also available.

Bliss Speaks:


“Be the soul you were meant to be: beautiful, wild and free. You are too powerful to be contained. Use the power within you to manifest your desires and achieve happiness.”


Artist's Channelling Impressions:


Bliss is a fantastically positive energy that attracts happiness and 'luck'. This energy angel has an aura of happiness and joy. It's all about finding your happiness and living with the joy and wonder of a child. Learn to play again and enjoy the things you've forgotten you love. Life is for living and Bliss is here to teach you how.


Energy Frequencies:


  • For manifesting your desires – abundance (spiritual and material)

  • For attracting positive energies and dispelling negative emotions

  • For luck and positive change


Prints of this image are also available.

4 Triumph Speaks:


“You have triumphed over the times of pain and confusion. Your soul is now ready for the next part of your journey. You are moving to the next level of enlightenment, leaving the old times behind. Be ready to receive positive change and the gifts of abundance.”


Artist's Channelling Impressions:


This energy is all about progressing to the next level of your spiritual path after dealing with pain and negative energy from the past. It's time to say goodbye to the old part of your life and step into a happier future. You have learned much from what has happened to you, now you can draw a line and look forward to changes in all respects. Starting a new path can be daunting at first, this energy guides you and reminds you that you have changed for the better. Don't keep looking behind you, the past is not a life sentence; it's only a lesson. Now - move on and enjoy the benefits of change and progress.


Energy Frequencies:


  • Healing after hard times

  • To move onto a happier period of existence on this plane

  • Attuning your soul path with your life

  • Recovering from addiction and negative episodes


Prints of this image are also available.

5 Love Speaks:


"When all you have left is love, it is then you realise that love is enough. Your energy is at its most powerful when you radiate love. There is nothing that brings more joy and has more strength."


Artist's Channelling Impressions:


Love is the purest form of energy. Its source is the Divine. Love is powerful and surprising, as I found out during this channelling session. You are a soul that seeks, by nature, to connect with others and form bonds of love - finding your twin flame being the highest path. Yet, because this is a highly emotional journey, it's the one that gives us the most problems. Use this image to focus on your desires and resonate with true love energy.


Energy Frequencies:


  • Use for bringing twin flames together

  • Use for attracting love of all kinds into your life

  • Calming and soothing

  • Gives strength in times of adversity


Prints of this image are also available.



  • What is Channelling Art all About?

    Sky Spirit Creations prints and paintings can be enjoyed simply as visual art. If it's not 'your thing' you dont' need to worry about the 'channelling part!' 

    If you're interested in how the paintings are created...

    The term channelled art refers to art that is created either by, or with the help of, a consciousness outside of the artist’s own normal state.

    It sounds a bit weird, but you’d be surprised how often it’s done...

    To find out more about how art is channelled and the paintings created, read this blog post.

    If you have any questions about the process, just ask!


  • What are the Energy Frequencies?

    These channelled images have been used by many people during yoga practice, meditations, healings, working through difficult life events and other spiritual work. Each image has a specific energy and frequency that is set during the original channelling.

    If energy isn't your thing, don't worry about it! The prints look great on your wall and the energies involved are harmonious even if you don't want to be involved with them!

  • Commission Original Artwork

    If you'd like to commission an orginal piece of art either physical or digital, please get in touch.

    You can also commission a channelled piece of artwork. This means that the art is created using your unique energies, the energies around you, the energies of loved-ones passed or your unique guardian angel energies. Interested? Find out how it's done in this blog post.


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