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Ascension - original acrylic by Naomi Walker

Ascension - original acrylic by Naomi Walker

Ascension is an original acrylic painting by Naomi Walker.


Created on: Deep-edge box canvas


Size: Size: 51 cm x 41 cm x 3.8 cm


Ascension Speaks


"There is no end, there is no death. You are ascending towards the Source and enlightenment. Be joyous in your journey as each day is a gift. From where you came, you return. You are connected by love to those you miss from this life. You are reunited at Source."


Artist's Channelling Impressions


This image is the second channelling I received when I started working this way back in 2009. This image is about comfort and continuation of your soul's essence. Each of us is on a journey. We choose many different paths but all return to the same home. Your loved-ones who have passed over are only behind the veil. Just because you may not see them, it doesn't mean that they are no longer there. You are never alone and you are loved. Our energy is divine.


Energy Frequencies


  • For comfort after bereavement

  • For those beginning a journey of enlightenment or a spiritual path

  • To increase awareness of other energies around you and deepen meditation

  • What is Channelling Art all About?

    Naomi's prints and paintings can be enjoyed simply as visual art. If it's not 'your thing' you don't need to worry about the 'channelling part!' 

    If you're interested in how the paintings are created...

    The term channelled art refers to art that is created either by, or with the help of, a consciousness outside of the artist’s own normal state.

    It sounds a bit weird, but you’d be surprised how often it’s done...

    To find out more about how art is channelled and the paintings created, read this blog post.

    If you have any questions about the process, just ask!


  • What are the Energy Frequencies?

    Naomi's images have been used by many people during yoga practice, meditations, healings, working through difficult life events and other spiritual work. Each image has a specific energy and frequency that is set during the original channelling.

    If energy isn't your thing, don't worry about it! The prints look great on your wall and the energies involved are harmonious even if you don't want to be involved with them!

  • Commission Original Artwork

    If you'd like to commission an orginal piece by this artist, please get in touch.

    You can also commission a channelled piece of artwork. This means that the art is created using your unique energies, the energies around you, the energies of loved-ones passed or your unique guardian angel energies. Interested? Find out how it's done in this blog post.


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