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Trevor Craggs

Trevor graduated from Newcastle Art School in the late seventies. After a 20-year career working as a graphic designer/illustrator, he returned to University to study Fine Art, gaining a BA Hons. Six years of study freed him from the tight constraints of illustration to become a semi-abstract painter and sculptor.


Trevor’s paintings are rooted in landscape. The pleasure of each painting evolves over hours, sometimes days, often representing the passage of time. His work seeks to convey the emotion of being in a landscape. He likes to recall atmospheric encounters in changing light, weather, seasons and places. As he often says – "I do like a drama!"


Trevor’s appreciation and interest in sculpture developed during his many BA Art History lectures. This, coupled with the many years of life drawing, gave him his sculptural figurative grounding, a new driving force in this tactile and expressive environment.


Trevor also produces lovely functional ceramics in beautiful glazes.

Trevor's work

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