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Trade multipack of 12 'Full Moon Blessings' cards by Naomi Walker

Trade multipack of 12 'Full Moon Blessings' cards by Naomi Walker

  • Printed inside with a grey night sky and full moon for you to add your own special message for any occasion
  • Supplied with 120 gsm red envelopes
  • Perfect for people in tune with the natural world, the moon, flora, fauna and forests
  • This is a whole set of 'Full Moon Blessings' cards by UK-artist, Naomi Walker
  • Breathe in the moonlight and be magic! 
  • Sold with an insert in the back of the pack so your customers can see each card's illustration
  • Sold by the artist and FSC verified as created with sustainable materials


Each card describes the powers of the depicted moon on the back:


Wolf Moon

The Wolf Moon highlights the energy of your ‘pack’. Connect with family and friends and take time to contribute to the wider community. You might also feel more emotional during this moon. Although you’re strong, it’s good to accept the help of others too. It’s time to turn your attention to your home and to making it an emotionally safe place for yourself and others. Focus on eliminating negative distractions, particularly those that are beyond your control.


Snow Moon

The Snow Moon invigorates your inner self and asks you to get ready to be productive. Positive changes are just around the corner. There’s no need to rush into new ventures though, it’s time to plan, to reflect on what makes your soul happy and to move in that direction. The subtle energies of all things are awakening, trust the Universe and allow yourself to be carried by the quickening. 


Worm Moon

This moon brings a quiet yet powerful shift to your inner energy. It’s time to identify areas of your life that seem stuck in order to direct some potent Worm Moon energy in that direction. Set your intentions and start a journey towards a new beginning; identify where changes are needed and make them. What will you set out to achieve in the following months? What seeds for the future will you plant? The power is within you.


Pink Moon

The Pink Moon highlights the energies of love, friendship and self-care. It’s a time to shake off any spiritual heaviness and to enjoy the dance of life and the people around you. Just as it’s a busy time in nature, your own creativity is blooming. You might feel an intense yearning to be productive, but remember to relax and take time out to rejuvenate too. Allow your intuition to guide you.


Flower Moon

This is a time when your goals might begin to manifest and bloom. Take stock of what you have achieved so far over the year and plan the next stage of your growth. If your progress feels too slow, it might be that you need to let go of something that’s stopping you from fully blossoming. The energies of new life, passion and creativity are powerful - what are you inspired to do next? 


Strawberry Moon

This is a time to relax and enjoy the full manifestation of your projects, to take a break from cycles of stress and to re-energise the mind, body and soul. The Strawberry Moon reminds you how powerfully creative you are and how important your connection is with others and the natural world. Use the energy of this moon to harmonise your emotions with the Universe.


Buck Moon

Allow the powerful Buck Moon to reignite your passion and strengthen your ambitions. Now is the time to focus on setting your intentions for future growth and new projects. You are stronger and more resilient than you know, so take the initiative and don’t be afraid to lead the way for others. By sharing your dreams you can inspire those around you.


Sturgeon Moon

As the Sturgeon Moon rises, strong emotions can rise within you that might have been hidden for a long time. This is a time to make peace with old memories and to offer yourself deep understanding, just as you would offer understanding to a beloved friend. Acknowledge that your experiences are what have made you who you are today and everything is exactly how it was always meant to be. 


Harvest Moon

This moon brings a deep sense of wisdom, a shift in energy that invites you to embrace the positive changes you’ve made in life. It’s a great time to break unwanted habits and focus on new, positive ones. The Harvest Moon’s potent magic can bless you with a profound insight into your inner self. All you have to do is ask the questions and be ready for honest answers.


Hunter’s Moon

A time to acknowledge the growth that you’ve made in the warmer months and to decide what you want to achieve next. Take stock of what has been worth your effort and let go of situations where your effort has been wasted. Give gratitude for life’s harvest, enjoy some rest and take time to rejuvenate your energies.


Beaver Moon

The Beaver Moon is a time to finish projects and focus on spiritual or emotional healing. Let go of troubles, grief and difficult situations in preparation for the approaching new year. Feel the season change to a slower pace and match it with your own. Sleep well, eat well and spend time with loved ones if you’ve been too busy lately. 


Cold Moon

The Cold Moon asks us to sit in stillness, silence and calm. It’s a time to contemplate the passing of one year and the beginning of another. In nature, when the earth seems frozen and still, beneath the surface is a busy time. In your own stillness, reflect on the duality of light and shadow that makes up your inner self, work through problems and learn new skills.


  • High volume discount and cellophane packaging

    For volumes of 100 units or more, please contact us for higher discount rates.

    Multipacks are supplied cello-wrapped as a unit.

    If you'd prefer to have cards wrapped in biodegradable cellophane, please contact us for a quote.

  • Trade shipping and minimum order quantity

     Trade shipping is free to UK-based customers. For outside the UK, please contact us for a carriage quote.


    Minimum order quantity is £25

  • High volume discount and MOQ - further details

    High volume discount only applicable when ordering 100 units of one product line. It doesn't apply to 'mix and match' orders totalling 100 units


    Minimum order quantity £25 applies to the value of the whole order and can split over multiple products - 'mix and match'


    Please get in touch if you have any questions


  • Recommended retail price (RRP)

    We sell these cards for £19.99 retail. You are welcome to add your own markup.

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