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Mick Brown

Being Neuro-Divergent directly affects my processing. Even though I have painted all my life, my way of working is spontaneous and direct, I work sculpturally and carve into the mediums I use. This gives a dynamic, instant result to my work through which I am always pushing my boundaries.


In my teens, like many others, I thought photo-realism was the pinnacle and, after I had conquered that, I realised there was far more to discover. 


It wasn’t until I was tutoring recovering addicts and other vulnerable adults that I realised how free and unrestricted their styles were - lacking any formal academic education, my students were totally free to express themselves.  I was so amazed at the freedom in their styles it affected my own attitude to my work and upon reflection changed my direction.  I am now free to use any material or technique, however experimental, to achieve the results I need. Yes, my work is raw, truthful and honest, yet it is totally original and is a stand-alone art form produced through an automatic self-taught way of painting.

Mick's work

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