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Mark Scorer

Mark is painter who is based on the outskirts of Newcastle-upon-Tyne. He started using oil paints whilst at university studying Fine Art in the early 90s and has continued to use them ever since. He finds oil is a great medium to use due to its flexibility, depth and richness of colour and also the range of techniques it allows an artist to employ.


Mark covers a range of subject matter and his style is best described as realistic. In the mid-90s he started gravitating towards sport as a subject, in particular football. Over the years he has built up a significant body of work in this area and has carried out commissions for a number of Premiership clubs. In more recent years he has expanded his field to include other sports like horse racing, boxing, darts and motorcycling to name but a few. This has given him a certain freedom and presented new challenges, which is always good for an artist. More recently he has completed a number of fish paintings as well as more traditional subjects like landscapes and portraits.


Mark continually likes to challenge himself. He thrives on being able to realistically depict scenes, objects, and effects which add drama, feeling and emotion to a subject. He is always looking for new inspiration and subjects to paint.

Mark's work

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