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Kirsty Bell

Throughout her childhood and teenage years, Kirsty wanted to be an artist but growing up in Newcastle in a blue-collar environment meant a different vocation was ahead of her. Being a film director and producer, creativity has always been close to her heart and she never gave up hope that one day she could rediscover her love of art. Picking up her pens and brushes a few short years ago, she began to draw her favourite things – birds. More than 150 birds later, Birdhouse Art was born and since then she has spread her wings to cover more than 50 other wildlife subjects.

Her preferred mediums are ink and watercolour - often combined - and her style is clean, defining the chosen subject in all its glory in a simple study.


Her inspirations are the natural world and, of course, her love of birds - their ability to fly and the way their feathers move in flight. Capturing this movement and their “expressions” is her go to. Her repertoire has vastly expanded, but her attention to the essence of her subject matter is her absolute aim.

Birdhouse has exhibited in pop up galleries in London and has a permanent installation of several of her avian friends in a film studio in Soho. However Birdhouse’s home is firmly in the North East of England.

Kirsty's work

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