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Kenneth Clarke

Kenneth says, "I am a self-taught artist living in rural countryside in the north east of England. My artwork is influenced by my love of nature and a peaceful life near woodland areas and meadows.


I paint because it provides an outlet for my creativity and I find creating art very relaxing. Themes of peace and tranquillity feature in my ongoing series of countryside landscapes. Trees, dry stone walls and wooden fences are present in almost all my current work. Occasionally, little mice playing or having fun turn up in garden scenes. I like working in black and white because it creates a rustic old-world quality and my paintings can fit in with any environment they are displayed in.


Previously to my art career, I was involved in sports for 20 years. After achieving success in sport, and the years creeping past, I decided to retire to a slow-paced lifestyle. Learning and practising art would fulfill a void left within me. Time to learn, time to paint.


My artwork began as figurative pencil drawings, then evolved through abstract paintings and textured interior art. For the past six years I have worked with acrylics,  painting nature and country scenes plucked from my imagination and surroundings. I love to paint and continue my journey."

Kenneth's work

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