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Keith Opie

A commercial illustrator since 1982, Keith studied at Newcastle Art College receiving an HNDAD distinction.

He joined a local design company and began specialising in airbrushing until the advent of computer art. Self-taught, he then joined Windle Creative, a company that he now owns with his business partner.

Keith has always been interested in all aspects of art, in particular local art and architecture. He works with a variety of media and has a rich mix of styles and subjects, from sketching to watercolour and digital painting. He loves nothing better than being out and about on his cycle sketching all across the northeast.


Keith developed irritable leg syndrome and found it difficult to sleep! It was at this time he began a digital project that would take over a year to complete - 'The Bridges Project'. This project kept him busy and focused throughout his sleepless nights. Once completed, it was a great success, being shown in Newcastle's Central Station ticket office. It has been turned into wallpaper and bar mirrors, as well as limited edition art prints.

He has since completed several other major projects and still paints and sketches wherever he finds himself in the country when he's not busy illustrating for one of Windle’s global clients.

Keith's work

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