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Kate Miller

Kate is a linocut printmaker, who is inspired by being outside in the fresh air in the northeast of England. Although she’s based in the city of Newcastle upon Tyne, she also loves to explore the beautiful countryside, long sandy beaches, rolling hills, craggy mountains and historic castles in Northumberland, Yorkshire and Scotland, so there is no end of inspiration to hand. Other work may concentrate on smaller details such as seedheads, pebbles, hedgerows or rock pools, but always, there’ll be a nod to nature and its beauty and intricacy. 

Kate’s work also celebrates colour, often exaggerated, conveying her feelings when experiencing a place. Linocut can be a controlled medium, but Kate enjoys experimenting with its boundaries; exploring textures, colours, inking techniques and layering to discover just what it can do and where it can take her next. She has recently been working using a reduction technique, building up to ten layers of ink in each print.  

Kate sells her work in shops and galleries throughout the northeast as well as online and at art fairs and exhibitions.  

Kate's work

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