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John Williamson

John’s home is in Northumberland, where there are plenty of opportunities to capture atmospheric images illustrating some of the UK’s most stunning countryside, coast, and castles.


During the last 30 years as a professional photographer, John’s work has taken him to many parts of the world, frequently on commission. His images have been published widely, often with his accompanying editorial. His work has been included in magazines, calendars, and travel publications, and along the way, he has picked up several prizes and awards.

He has been interviewed in several magazines, and his pictures have appeared for example, in the north-east’s own Living North, and the national publication, Outdoor Photography. He has an ability to capture the essence of the people and places in his images, whether it is in the lavender fields of Provence, or with the National Dance Company of Cuba.

Photography is an integral part of John’s character, and he will always endeavour to put something of himself into making an image.

His intention is always to ‘make’ a picture, rather than simply ‘take’ a picture - to translate what he sees, rather than simply to record it, and as a result, his work is frequently described as ‘painterly’ – a description he is very happy to accept.

For several years now, he has been experimenting with his camera to create original images which portray scenes in this painterly, impressionist style, and the results have been well received.


He continues with this challenge, and the pleasure it brings to all those who display his work in their homes.

John's work

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