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How Sky Spirit Gallery works for artists


What's so special about Sky Spirit?

Sky Spirit was conceived by John Thompson, an experienced art-industry professional and marketing expert, and Naomi Walker, an artist, marketing copywriter and IT specialist. Both parties have decades of experience in their respective roles along with a keen interest in the north east art scene.

The company aims to provide a non-exclusive hybrid gallery/agency service to accepted artists who are either living/working in the north east of the UK, or have a strong connection with the area. 


While selling artists' work in the gallery, the company is also committed to securing  further opportunities for artists who it represents. This covers work such as school workshops, editorial illustration, one-to-one tuition, technical demonstrations and book illustration. There is no requirement for artists to submit to this additional promotion in order to use the gallery services. The scope of representation can be discussed and agreed between the individual artist and Sky Spirit team during the application process.  Furthermore, artwork that is commissioned through the website, or secured by the Sky Spirit team, is considered a gallery sale rather than an agency-generated opportunity, so is subject to the standard 25% commission fee.

Our commitments 

We showcase and sell your art through our website,, a platform for customers seeking curated, high-quality art online. We handle the online and offline marketing, display and advertising of your art. Our aim is to attract customers and manage payment processing and credit card facilities to facilitate sales.

We charge a commission of 25% based on the selling price (wall price) you set for each artwork. This commission covers the administration, payment processing, promotion and customer service provided on the website.

We aim to promote artists work in the local region and beyond using a mixture of traditional methods - press, radio etc - and new media methods - social media, YouTube channel etc.

Should further representation be agreed, we will promote your work with an aim to securing further opportunities for you. Work that we secure for your is subject to a 10% agency fee.

Your commitments

Postage of sold work

You must carefully package and promptly dispatch your artwork upon receiving an order, the details of which will be supplied to you by telephone or email. The artwork must be dispatched by an insured postal service/courier to reach the customer within 14 days.

Work sold elsewhere

You must inform us immediately if work is sold elsewhere so that it can be removed from our website. For a comprehensive understanding of the terms and conditions of service for artists, please refer to the 'Terms and Conditions for Artists.'

Setting the Price

You have the authority to determine the selling price of your art, as you are aware of its market value. We take a 25% commission from the price you set.

As the artist, you are responsible for the expenses related to materials, packaging and delivery within the UK. Ensure that your pricing includes these costs. 

21-Day Money Back Guarantee

To encourage sales and build trust with potential customers, we provide a 21-day money-back guarantee on all sales. As an artist, it’s important that you comply with this policy to ensure the business runs smoothly.


Customers can return artworks within 21 days for any reason, covering the return postage and insurance costs associated. However, you will not be reimbursed for the cost of delivering the artwork to the customer. The return rate for similar businesses is given as approximately 1 in 250 artworks. To help avoid returns, please ensure that your artwork is described and photographed accurately. It’s also important to ensure that your packaging is secure, protective and well-presented.

Payment procedures

Customers make payments through our credit card processing facilities. Once payment is received, we'll notify you via email or by phone regarding the purchase details. Your responsibility is to promptly package and dispatch the artwork, ensuring it reaches the customer within 14 working days. Upon confirmation of the safe delivery of the artwork, you'll be paid end the end of the following month. This is to allow for the 21-day return period to expire.

Uploading work

Once we have accepted your application and published your bio, you will be invited to upload your work for consideration. It’s important to fill in each section of the upload form. 

The section that asks if your work is immediately available or not is important. Work that qualifies as immediately available is work that you have at your own premises or can access immediately.

If you state that the work is not immediately available, for example it’s currently in another gallery, it will be listed on the website as ‘out of stock’ and interested customers will be prompted to check with us whether it’s available. In the case of us receiving such a request, we will immediately contact you to confirm if the work can be accessed and sent to arrive with the customer within 14 days. If confirmed, the customer will be informed and the sale may proceed. We built this feature into the site specifically to reduce the risk of customers being disappointed if they make a purchase only to find that the work has been sold elsewhere. This is why it’s also important that you inform us straight away if work has been sold independently by yourself or another outlet. We want to keep our customers happy so that they come back and buy lots more of your art!

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