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George Ormerod

Born in Maidstone, Kent, George studied Fine Art Sculpture at Sunderland University. He then worked for a number of years as a props maker in the theatre and then as the Assistant Display Manager for John Lewis in Newcastle on Tyne, where his love of textiles and patterns was born. During this time his passion for ceramics was reawakened by the work of Janice Tchalenko, Sabina Teuteberg and Betty Woodman.

In 1990, he set up his pottery in Newcastle on Tyne. Since then he has been supplying shops and galleries, predominantly in the North of England and Scotland, but also in Northern Ireland and the rest of the U.K, with work in many exhibitions nationwide.

George’s work has colour and glaze reaction as a major theme, but is also concerned with texture, shape and the fitting of pattern around different vessels. The designs are created using coloured slips as base colours and textures, with wax resist similar to Batik techniques enabling the glazes to go on thickly. This creates unexpected reactions, especially in the yellow range.


The new figurative range is heavily influenced by Matisse cutouts, with many of the figures inspired by ballet poses, enabling them to wrap or flow around the vessel. The shapes are taken from the ceramics of Lucie Rie, The Bauhaus and Japanese minimalism, with many made in porcelain to give both a clarity of colour and a hint of translucency

George's work

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