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Annie Kennerley

Annie Kennerley works from her home studio in Newcastle Upon Tyne.


In the last two years, Annie has enjoyed creating a whole new body of work based on a journey through a series of dreams. Symbols hidden within deep layers often become visible to the viewer. Every painting tells its own story. The more you look, the more you see.

Some of the drama and atmosphere from her previous abstract and seascape work appears here too. She invites the viewer to bring their own interpretation of the work and experience the intentionally ambiguous choices. Annie still loves to sketch and paint along the beloved Northumberland coast in her loose, painterly style. 

Annie uses mixed media with acrylic paints, glazes and inks to create pieces on canvas and wood panel. Semi-abstracted images are recorded in sketchbooks as starting points to be developed into richly textured paintings in the studio.


Following a long and happy career in teaching Annie now paints full-time. In 2023, her work was exhibited in a solo show in Newcastle, and she had three pieces selected for the Wild Northumberland exhibition at Woodhorn Museum. Her work is in private collections in the UK, France and Spain. 

Annie says, “I’ve loved pushing my practice to a whole new level by producing the stand-alone Body of Work ‘Dreams’ and can’t wait to delve into the next series. I’m happiest when I have a paintbrush in my hand, mixing wonderful colour and seeing where that takes me.”


Annie's work

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